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  AIRBUS A320 - 214
»Engines: CFM56-5B4/3 Manufactured by CFM International (France, USA)
»Seat configurations:142 seats (16 business with 126 economy)
»Plane length / Wing span / height: 37.57m/ 34.15m/ 12.08m
»Engine Thrust: 27.000 lbf
»Range with Maximum passengers: 5.900 km
»Normal Cruise speed: 828 km/h
»Maximum operation altitude: 12.000 m

»Power Plant System: Powered by two turbo-prop engines model PW127J manufactured by Pratt & Whitney of Canada
»Propellers model 247F-3 manufactured by Hamilton Sundstrand of America
»Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) model GTCP36-150 manufactured by Honeywell of America. APU is provided the electrical power and air conditioning on ground.
»More than 90% of advanced technology airborne equipments are famous western and American made such as Collins, Honeywell, King, Bendix, Universal, etc...
»Seat configurations: 56 seats
»Plane length / Wing span / height: 24.708m/ 29.200m/ 8.853
»Engine Trust: 2400 shp horse power each
»Max. cruise speed 280 knot / 514 km/h
»Service ceiling 25000 ft / 7,620 m
»Take-off roll 2660 ft / 812 m
»Landing roll 2439ft / 760 m
»Max. range 1330 nm / 2,450km
»Max. Payload 5,500 kg

»Engines : PW127F Pratt & Whitney of Canada
»Propellers 6 blade 568F manufactured by Hamilton Sundstrand of America
»Seat configurations : 70 seats
»Plane length / Wing span / height: 27.166 m / 27.050 m / 7.65 m
»Engine Thrust: 2475 shp horse power each Range with
»Maximum passengers (pay load): 7,550 Kg
»Normal Cruise speed : 276 knot / 506 Km/ h
»Maximum operation Altitude: 25000 ft / 7,620m

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