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  Kunming, China
Kunming, China

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Kunming China Attractions

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Best Places to visit in Kunming

- Stone Forest
          Stone Forest is a natural wonder that included both large and small forest as well as many other scenic spots. It has been know since the Ming Dynasty as the First Wonder of the World.
          This forest is a notable set of limestone formations. The magnificent, strange and steep landscape of the Stone Forest creates countless labyrinthine vistas, all of which feature stones in various formations. Animals, plants, and even human figures can be found here.

- Yuantong Temple
          Yuantong Temple is the earliest temple to worship Avalokitesvara. Besides, as the most famous temple in China and Southeast Asia, it is the base of the provincial Buddhist Association. It is therefore a destination of pilgrimage for pilgrims worldwide. In 1956, the temple held a tooth of the Buddha here for a short time.On the 1st and 15th of each lunar month, people gather here to take part in all kinds of Buddhist services. There is also a good vegetarian restaurant on the premises serving lunch and dinner.

- Western Hill and Dragon Gate
          Dragon Gate of Western HillThe Western Hill is actually a forest reserve site that located at the west bank of the Dianchi Lake of Kunming. It is set in mountains well covered by evergreen woods and filled with sweet songs by lovely birds. Western Hill is also called the Green Peacock Mountain, refers to a range of five mountains stretching over 40 kilometers. Seen from afar, its undulating skyline resembles a graceful young lady sleeping on her back, hence the name of the "sleeping beauty". Its luxuriant trees and bamboos set off splendid Huating Temple, Taihua Temple, Sanqing Monastery and the Dragon Gate.

- Jiuxiang Scenic Area
          The Jiuxiang Scenic Area near Kunming is only 7.7 square miles (20km sq) but packs a big punch in terms of important sights with five very popular tourist attractions: Diehong Bridge, Alu Long, Dasha Dam, Mingyue Lake and Sanjiao Cave. Diehong Bridge, Dasha Dam and Sanjiao Cave all have picturesque 'stone forests' with China's distinctive karst limestone formations, while Diehong Bridge also has twin waterfalls with a large natural stone dam cluster, and Dasha Dam has lush green forest.
          Jiuxiang is the home of the aboriginal Yi people, and Alu Long is home to the excavated Yi cliff paintings of the Qin and Han dynasties. Yi customs and culture are still evident today in the many legends and folk stories. These stories come to life in the magical subterranean world of the Jiuxiang area, which includes more than a hundred caves, featuring natural underground waterfalls, bridges, valleys and rivers. Jiuxiang Scenic Area is located 55.9 miles (90km) from Kunming, and makes an excellent day trip. Visitors should bring warm clothes, as the interior of the caves can be quite cool.

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